Welcome to CB World Trade Natural Energy

CB World Trade Natural Energy was formed in Brazil in 2004 to integrate intellectual property and deploy technology transfers for critical infrastructure projects in Africa and Latin America. We have grown to specialize in upstream petroleum ventures and renewable energy projects throughout the regions. We are a team of experienced technicians, operators, and executives, who are deal makers structuring companies to identify objectives. We complete the difficult follow up tasks of funding and managing those projects to successful outcomes.

Our latest project - Belo Profond Nord

Lying between the recent world class 170+ TCF Rovuma Basin gas discoveries of Anadarko and ENI and the 22 billion barrels of tar sand and heavy oil uplifted and exposed on western Madagascar (Bemolanga and Tsimiroro),  Belo Profond Nord is believed to lie within the ‘sweet spot’ for light oil generation and trapping in between these gas and exhumed tar/heavy oil provinces.

Management and Technical Expertise

CBWTNE has partnered with some of the most respected and dedicated professionals in technology, management  and legal counsel in the field.